Recap of EU Mission on neutral cities

We must help European cities reach their target of becoming climate-neutral by 2030. That's why the RVO created a two day event to inspire corporates, knowledge institutions and societal organisations to join forces.

On June 14th the 1st day of the mission took place, live from the Floriade Expo 2022 #foodforum with an amazing line-up; alderman Jan Hoek opened the event (Corona proof) and then the online session/broadcast took place. Jeanine Peek (Boegbeeld ICT Topsector), Hans Bakker (CEO Floriade), Geert-Jan Put (Economic Affairs Almere), Petra Claessen (BTG), Leonie van den Beuken (ASC) and Program Manager Brian Benjamin spoke about the opporunity of the Floriade as a living Lab. Danny Frietman (Kwartiermaker ICT & Tech Almere) hosted and organized the event, together with Xander de Bruine and the RvO. In the coming weeks these interviews will be shared, but now have a look at this great recap!

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