Almere is attracting tourists from home and abroad. The city is leafy and rich in lakes and canals, it is close to Amsterdam, has a long coastline, loads of parks and countryside and modern architecture. Tourism & Recreation offers many opportunities for new businesses as well as chances for employment. Almere is a unique, modern city with the opportunity for leisure activities in abundance. Hiking, rambling, cycling, sailing and boating – it’s all to do in Almere, allowing you to see all that this city has to offer. Check out the lovely and unique, new countryside, as well as the exceptional architecture right in the middle of town and in the outlying suburbs. We are working hard, together with businesses in Almere, to strengthen the ambient climate of the city. We do this by making the city even more attractive to our visitors, our residents and our businesses. 

Unique territories

There are a number of areas within Almere that are really important to the tourist and recreational sector: Almere City Centre, Poort District’s Coastal Area, The Oostvaarders Lakes and Almere Forest (Almeerderhout). We’ve marked these areas out specifically to make them more attractive to visitors using Place Making. This is a mix of spatial development, course creation, and collaborating with stakeholders within each area. 

Oostvaardersplassen natuurgebied in Almere.


There are several promising themes in which Almere excels. Our modern town centre with an amazing 400 shops and businesses, the unique architecture by renowned architects from home and abroad, the amount of water around (we have 42 Km of coastline), the abundant countryside and the big ‘events’ that take place annually. Almere is also a real cyclist’s paradise with an amazing 500 Km of mapped out cycle tours consisting of 440 Km of entirely separate cycle paths.

Floriade Expo 2022

The Floriade Expo 2022 offers a wealth of opportunity for the tourist sector in Almere. We expect upwards of two million visitors, 28% of those from abroad. This is all very interesting for businesses such as hotels, pubs, clubs and restaurants and recreational facilities.

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The municipality of Almere wants to attract as many entrepreneurs as possible. Therefore, the city organises various conferences. For instance, there are regular webinars and hotel meet ups, there is a Water Management Group and various excursions are organised. Businesses are stimulated to collaborate, and inspiring programmes and courses are developed for attendees.

Almere skyline by night


There are lots of annual events planned in Almere’s. Big ones, small ones, sporty ones, cultural, there’s something for everyone. Some events have become part of Almere, as they have been taking place here for years. The Almere Haven Festival, Summerpark Festival and Strandfestival Zand are good examples of that. There are lots of sporting events too, like Almere City Run, Challenge Almere-Amsterdam and The Ultimate Team Challenge are popular events in Almere. 

Festival Strand in Almere

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