Looking for business premises in Almere? We have a large list of premises available to buy or rent, without having to build the place yourself.

Why have your premises in Almere?

With more than 30 industrial estates and Business Parks within Almere, we offer a huge economic network, but there are lots of other reasons besides why Almere is the right place for your company. The most important of these are:

  • Young and ambitious talent
    We have great schools and colleges in Almere and the city is easily, directly accessible from both Amsterdam and Utrecht. We are a young population too, which ensures there are a lot of talented people in Almere that could become your employee. There’s so much work potential.
  • Affordable office space
    Land in Almere is relatively inexpensive compared to locations close by, for instance, Amsterdam and Utrecht.
  • Good accessibility
    It’s easy to reach other places from Almere. We’re close to Schiphol and you can reach Amsterdam from Almere Centre in 20 minutes.

Within the existing stock of premises to buy and to let, you’re sure to find suitable office space on one of our business parks that match your specific requirements. There are, for instance, office buildings with ample parking space and there are offices suitable for all sorts of logistical purposes, and workstations with great views, both amongst the greenery and in the city centre.

Which of our areas suit you best?

When looking for premises within Almere, there are a number of business parks to check out. Each one of these industrial estates have their own pros and cons. Check out this page (in Dutch) to see where they are and which one has the advantages you are looking for. That way, you will find the perfect location for your company.

Current business premises to buy and to let.

Check the real estate platforms, Funda, Realnext and Bedrijfspand.com to see the currently available premises in Almere. Prefer to build your own new offices? Check out the available building plots.

View the currently available premises on Funda in Business.