Are you looking for business premises in Almere? Almere gives businesses the opportunity to establish themselves here and to work practically on the outskirts of Amsterdam, in a city where innovation and daring is more often the norm than it is an exception. Almere is the city of opportunities and front-runner in innovation, sustainability, and the circular economy. In the spring of 2019, Almere was named the most (small/medium-sized) business-friendly city in the Netherlands!

Almere has lots of different business parks and industrial estates, half of which still have building plots available. Would you like to build your own offices in Almere, or would your rather invest in real estate? Please contact us.

Almere is a young and modern city that never fails to surprise you. It’s a city where experimentation and space are totally valued. Space to (self)build, live, study and relax. But Almere is more – we are an entrepreneurial and innovative city with more than 16,700 businesses and institutions that have established themselves here in Almere. Our geographically central position in the Netherlands and easy accessibility makes Almere extremely suitable for the (inter)national market..

Criteria for establishing in Almere

  • Best fibreglass network in the Netherlands
  • ​International schools
  • Lots of well-educated employees
  • Living in a city amongst forests, beaches, and lakes.
  • Excellent hospitality
  • Exceptional accessibility
  • Attractive ground prices
  • Active Business Clubs & Societies
  • Proximity to Schiphol and Lelystad airports
  • Wide range of possibilities in every (sustainable) sector
  • Excellent public transport network
  • Office premises available ‘made to measure’

Situated between two airports

Within 30 minutes, you can reach either Schiphol Airport or Lelystad Airport. Conferences and overnight stays in Almere are all arranged easily. Almere has more than 600 hotel rooms in modern hotels that offer conference facilities. Your establishment in Almere ensures that your company is within easy reach.

Metropolitan region of Amsterdam

Almere is considered part of Amsterdam’s Metropolitan Region (MRA) and is, just behind Amsterdam, the largest city in this metropolitan area. The MRA has two airports, seaports, the Netherlands Financial Centre and AMSIX (Internet Hub).

This MRA is one of the top five, economically strong regions of Europe. Priority is given to boosting the economy, improving accessibility and building homes.

Economically speaking, the MRA aspires to be a front runner in the knowledge economy and circular economy. Sustainability is key and is listed high on the action list. The same goes for reinforcement of countryside elements around, paying particular attention to the expansion of both recreational projects and how we experience nature.

Industrial Estate Stichtsekant is part of the Logistics Hotspot Almere-Lelystad-Zeewolde that recently won 1st place as Logistics Hotspot within the MRA.

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Perfect accessibility and a central position

Almere is in the perfect position, geographically speaking, for you to establish your business. It is central with easy access to the main motorways:

  • Next to the A6 with connection to the A27 and the nearby A1
  • Schiphol Airport or Lelystad Airport reachable within 30 minutes.
  • Near Amsterdam and Utrecht.
  • Easily accessible by public transport
  • Spacious layout with lots of parking space and logistic manoeuvrability.
Almere is goed bereikbaar met de auto door de goede aansluiting aan het grote wegennetwerk.

Attractive building plot prices

Building plot prices in and around Amsterdam are substantially higher than in Almere. This is partly due to the increasing scarcity of industrial real estate within Amsterdam. Almere looks favourably upon new establishers and has attractive tariffs for building plots. Just one of the many reasons for you to build your business premises in Almere. All this, and only thirty minutes travel from Amsterdam!

The 8th city of the Netherlands

Almere is now grown to a city of more than 210,000 residents, making it the 8th largest city in the Netherlands. In the years to come, Almere has some big ambitions. We’re about to take a huge leap and by 2030, after building another 60,000 homes, Almere will be the 5th biggest city in the Netherlands. An environmentally friendly, sustainable and lively city.

We are at the vanguard of economic development, because of Almere’s unique position in the region. We are the northern wing of the ‘Randstad’ area (Almere is considered part of it) and we continue to play an important role in the Netherlands. This is why Almere, Amsterdam and other regional partners, work together to strengthen the region.

Labour potential

We have a diverse pick of primary and secondary schools where children can flourish and develop their talents: bilingual schools, the combo education and sports, music and theatre: it’s all possible here. And for further study, Almerans can stay in the city. Windesheim College and Aeres College Almere both offer challenging courses for undergraduate students. There are also two international schools in Almere.

Available building plots

Almere is a young and growing city with countless opportunities for businesses. There is a total of 29 different business parks and industrial estates and half of them still has premises or building plots available. It’s also possible for you to build your own business premises.

Affordable land prices and the favourable policies on establishing business here in Almere make it interesting to consider building in Almere. Check what’s on offer (in Dutch) here.

Buy or rent business space

Even then Almere is the best location to establish your company. The existing office and commercial buildings are relatively new, given the young municipality, and are therefore in top condition. This also applies to industrial estates. Therefore, also take a look at the possibilities of existing real estate.