Our Forum for Entrepreneurs is a public/private collaboration between Almere City Council, Almeran businesses, schools and colleges, regional institutions and the Chamber of Commerce. This partner network is great for a speedy, local entrance to information, inspiration, networking and support for Almere’s (new) businesses with the specific aim: stability among Almere’s businesses, the expansion of the number of Almeran small and medium-sized companies and a growing number of local jobs for a city with ambitions to expand.

The Forum for Entrepreneurs is aimed at various types of business:

  • Starters
  • Freelancers
  • Small and Medium-sized companies (SME)
  • Struggling entrepreneurs
  • Partnerships

The Partners in the Forum for Entrepreneurs are:

  • Almere Town Council
  • The Chamber of Commerce
  • Flevoland Independents’ Office
  • Knowledge Centre for Business Financing
  • SME Continuance

The Forum also works in collaboration with various Almeran companies who individually help where they can.

Knowledge Sharing
By offering an appealing diary of events related to knowledge sharing, the Forum for Entrepreneurs contributes to speedy access to information and inspiration. A spin-off from these sessions are the tailored one-on-one solutions by the team of specialist advisers.

Council Desks
The Forum for Entrepreneurs is where you have access to various council desks for new initiatives, new establishments or licences required. Read here about Almere’s various council desks and the hours of business.

Opportunity Sectors
There’s a special spot within the job offers on the Forum for Entrepreneurs, for the following promising, strategic development sectors:

Where to find us
The Forum is based in the D-Wing of Almere’s Town Hall (Stadhuisplein 1). Good parking facilities can be found in the multistorey carpark at Regisseurstraat 7.

Do you have a question about your application to the CoC? Please visit www.kvk.nl
Do you have a general question, or require information on the diary of events or advisory services? Please use the contact form.