SME Innovatiestimulering Top Sectors (MIT) Flevoland

Doing business in SMEs? And are you considering developing a new product, process or service? The SME Innovatiestimulering Top Sectors (MIT) Flevoland is a subsidy scheme from the Province and the Central Government that can help you with this. The MIT consists of 2 parts: Feasibility projects and R&D collaboration projects.

For the MIT Feasibility Projects, Flevoland SME entrepreneurs can apply for a maximum of € 20,000 subsidy to carry out feasibility studies, whether or not combined with industrial research or experimental development. A total of € 509,333 is available for feasibility studies. Please note that the closing time is September 13th at 17:00 pm.

Read more about the conditions and which sectors on: MKB Innovatiestimulering Topsectoren (MIT) Flevoland, subsidie - Provincie Flevoland (in Dutch)