Info about last edition

The KVK Business Challenge is the open innovation platform, where entrepreneurs find each other around innovation issues for new business. Large companies present their challenges on the platform and startups and SME entrepreneurs with expertise respond to this. This is how solutions and new collaborations arise. The Chamber of Commerce and UPALMERE! has developed a special Almere edition. In this 3rd Almere edition, challenging innovation issues from 5 companies from Almere are on the platform.

  • GPS Buddy: How can AI or machine learning help our clients to make better use of their Fleet & asset data within their business processes?
  • Challenge Family: How can Challenge Family capture previous endurance sport timing results to build personal athlete profiles?
  • SenS online Marketing: How can SENS Online Solutions being helped with a solution where we can convert our UX/UI Designs into working open source websites, so we can build websites faster and at lower costs?
  • De Nieuwe Bibliotheek: How do we promote reading skills and/or reading pleasure among young people in a contemporary way?
  • Euro Fiber: How can Eurofiber use multiple (geographic) data sources to predict expansion cost of our data network to new customers?

This is already the third Almere edition of the Chamber of Commerce Business Challenges. Beautiful new collaborations have already been made in the first two editions.

Do you have the solution for these Almere Challenges? The challenges are online from 7 November to 11 December. After that, the Almere companies choose with which companies the conversation is entered into in a so-called encounter.

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